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myDorm’s DORMUS Advantage

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Over dormitories in Manila, DORMUS, the first of myDorm, Inc.‘s projects, is the premier managed student accommodations strategically located in front of the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. Its location, list of amenities and conveniences raise dormitory living to a new level. DORMUS offers ergonomically and meticulously-designed and engineered spaces for optimal living and learning lifestyle: worry-free security myKeycard entry guarded 24/7 professional security personnel closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance seamless connectivity free high-speed broadband WiFi access utmost safety smoke detectors and sprinkler systems easy access to […]

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DORMUS myPod and myPod+ for Manila Dorm

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MyPod / myPod+ is the revolutionary system for a Manila Dorm that maximizes space, functionality, convenience and privacy to each Manila Dorm living space.  It features ample study, storage and sleeping quarters for myDorm residents by incorporating efficient design concepts like multi-use functional spaces. Each myDorm room contains only three to four myPod units affording maximum space for each resident. Each room contain individual and fully-functional toilet and bath with separate access doors to allow their simultaneous and more efficient use by the residents. […]

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