Phoenix Rising: DORMUS Revitalizes Espana Boulevard

DORMUS Revitalizes Espana Boulevard

Just like the proverbial Phoenix rising from the ashes, DORMUS breathes new life to a rundown but structurally-stable building along Espana Boulevard and transforms it into a world-class, iconic landmark.  Befitting of a structure that fronts four ‘National Cultural Treasures‘ within the University of Santo Tomas campus, DORMUS is seen to revitalize the area with its unique, bold and minimalist facade clad with the colors of grey and amber.

The Macaraeg building, which has been unoccupied for years, used to house Manila’s coolest rock bar, Mayric’s Bar (and soon-thereafter, Sazi’s Bar) where great bands were born. It was where local pop bands like Moonstar88 and Barbie’s Cradle started before getting famous and going mainstream.

Sazi's Bar Poster

Poster from

As this blog entry noted, the buidling is full of history:

“Manila’s coolest rock bar, Mayrics is a place where great bands are born. The legendary underground rock joint in the city’s university belt top bills homegrown rock journeymen The Jerks, reggae old hands Cocojam, durable swingin’ and boppin’ Put3ska, and gospel-preaching hard rockers Battery.”

However, the famous rock bar fell into dire straits and had to close shop at the end of May 2012.  Except for some mom-and-pop shops in its ground floor offering copy and printing services, the building was mostly unoccupied which fast became an eyesore.

Read more about Mayric’s/Sazi’s Bar closing here.

Beginning September 2012, the building will figuratively take flight again, just like the proverbial bird that rose from the ashes.  The historic building will not be demolished but instead will undergo a complete and dramatic structural and design renovation that will transform it from an eyesore to nothing sort of an iconic landmark.  The building, which has been inspected and tested by engineers, is still structurally sound and strong.  It will be retrofitted inside and out, with major changes in floor layouts, use and function.

From mostly commercial units rented out for various services, the building will be completely be converted to a myDorm, Inc.‘s Boutique Living Spaces first project named DORMUS.  The structure with its new name and design concept will afford its residents a university lifestyle that is modern, clean, comfortable, refreshing, convenient, social and hip. With DORMUS as its first project,  myDorm, Inc. raises dormitory living to a new level of comfort, security, safety, convenience, classiness and sociability. DORMUS will definitely be a cut above the rest of the run-of-the-mill student accommodations that abound in the area.

The complete architectural design for the renovation of the Macaraeg building was done by Jagnus Design Studios, the ‘genuises’ behind the beautiful design of the Ronac Art Center, the iconic building along Oritgas Avenue in San Juan.  It is headed by Arch. Sonny Suñga and Arch. Arnold Austria, both alumni of the College of Architecture of the University of Santo Tomas.

For more updates regarding myDorm, Inc. and DORMUS, please like myDorm Living Boutique Spaces Facebook Page.

See other renderings of DORMUS:


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