Live in DORMUS with Barkada 3 + 1 Promo

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Now living in DORMUS has become more affordable! Promo: Live in DORMUS this schoolyear! Now there’s one perfect reason to do so: The DORMUS Introductory “BARKADA 3 + 1” Promo. Limited units available. Call, inquire and reserve: 0917-8693676

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DORMUS Showroom Opening

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Now you can see and feel our units LIVE! DORMUS Showroom Opening March 7, 2013, Thursday, 10:00 AM. We are also accepting Reservations now! Be part of the EXCLUSIVE FEW who will experience myDorm’s LEARNING/LIVING LIFESTYLE! Only 162 beds available. Come and visit us at 1302 Espana Boulevard, Sampaloc, Manila. Big Discounts and special freebies will be given to the first FEW RESERVEES, plus having the chance to choose choice beds and units. All units are fully furnished with 24/7 […]

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DORMUS Update 19 December 2012: Renovation Full Speed Ahead!

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Renovation is now on full speed for DORMUS Boutique Living Spaces.  Full retrofitting of major structural components like floor and ceiling beams on-going and partitioning for the different myPod rooms now commencing. The contractor has committed to finishing renovation by March 31, 2013. Please browse photos below to see progress of construction and renoavtion.  

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DORMUS Update: Macaraeg Building Now Undergoing Internal Demolition

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Starting last October 24, WSO Construction began demolishing the internal structures inside the Macaraeg Building to give way to the birth of the DORMUS Boutique Living Spaces.  The internal structures undergoing demolition involve the inner walls, wooden floors in the mezzanine and other concrete and wooden structures. The demolition process is expected to last for 14 working days in time for the official start of the renovation on November 15, 2012. Here are photo updates of the demolition process:  

UST Flooding and Being Stranded Again: You Should be Living in DORMUS

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UST FLOODING ADVISORY: From the Office of the Secretary-General Due to the large number of students stranded inside the campus and on the road as an aftermath of the sudden downpour followed by a flash flood that lasted until early morning, CLASSES IN ALL LEVELS are SUSPENDED today 11 SEPTEMBER 2012, to allow them to go home and rest. Another newsflash regarding UST flooding that is seemingly becoming more frequent nowadays. And yes, you were one of the more than […]

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Phoenix Rising: DORMUS Revitalizes Espana Boulevard

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Just like the proverbial Phoenix rising from the ashes, DORMUS breathes new life to a rundown but structurally-stable building along Espana Boulevard and transforms it into a world-class, iconic landmark.  Befitting of a structure that fronts four ‘National Cultural Treasures‘ within the University of Santo Tomas campus, DORMUS is seen to revitalize the area with its unique, bold and minimalist facade clad with the colors of grey and amber. The Macaraeg building, which has been unoccupied for years, used to […]

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myDorm’s First Project DORMUS Name and Design Unveiled

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Jagnus Design Studio, the trailblazing architectural firm that created the iconic Ronac Art Studio, finally unveiled their design concept for myDorm, Inc.‘s first boutique living spaces project in Espana Boulevard in Sampaloc. Termed DORMUS, the name and design concept conjures images of a university lifestyle that is modern, clean, comfortable, refreshing, convenient, social and hip. Combined from the words Dorm (colloquial word for dormitory or student living quarters) and Domus (private family residence of modest to palatial proportions, found primarily […]

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myDorm, Inc. Commissions Jagnus Design Studio for DORMUS Project

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myDorm, Inc. recently commissioned Jagnus Design Studio to do the architectural and interior designs for DORMUS, the first of its Boutique Living Spaces project España Boulevard in the heart of the University Belt in Manila. Jagnus Design Studios is the architectural firm behind Ronac Art Center, the iconic building along Oritgas Avenue in San Juan. It is headed by Arch. Sonny Suñga and Arch. Arnold Austria, both alumni of the College of Architecture of the University of Santo Tomas. myDorm, […]

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Opening Soon: myDorm First Project DORMUS

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Soon to rise: myDorm First Project DORMUS, just in front of the sprawling University of Santo Tomas campus.  Incorporating the best of design, form, functionality, security, safety and sustainability, myDorm will “raise dormitory living to a new level”! DORMUS is the premier student dormitory strategically located in front of the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. Its location, list of amenities and conveniences raise dormitory living to a new level. DORMUS offers ergonomically and meticulously-designed and engineered spaces for optimal living and learning lifestyle: worry-free […]

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