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myDorm believes that living well is paramount for learning well.  Thus it is not leaving any stone unturned in providing the utmost comfort and amenities for all its residents.  being more than just a home away from home, myDorm has gone beyond the extra mile by providing the Living Lifestyle:


  • residents need not worry about cleaning their own living spaces for housekeeping services are part of myDorm’s suite of free services.  Rooms and bathrooms will be cleaned by professionally-outsourced and trained maintenance personnel at least twice a week for clean, hygienic and comfortable abodes
  •  in partnership with professional third party providers, boarding packages provide for breakfast and dinner meals that will be delivered regularly if desired by the residents
  • select myPod+ living spaces provide all the amenities of home like a mini-refrigerator, microwave oven and coffee machines
  • laundry services can be provided in partnership with our accredited third-party providers.  There’s a provision for a laundry service provider on the ground floor
  • a 24-hour generator set will assure that electricity, internet and security services will be available anytime, all the time.


  • the health of all residents is myDorm top priority.  A board-certified doctor and fully-equipped first aid kits will always be on-call for minor ailments and consultations or certain medical emergencies.  myDorm is located just a few hundred meters from several hospitals like the University of Santo Tomas Hospital, Perpetual Succor Hospital and the Mary Chiles General Hospital.
  • all rooms are air-conditioned and select myPod+ living spaces will have purified and negative-ionized air for the residents to breathe in (Aspiro ventilation systems)
  • indoor activities like yoga and aerobic exercises will be scheduled to promote an active and healthy lifestyle among the residents

DORMUS Facade and Lobby


  • myDorm promotes caring and healing Mother Earth.  All electrical installations will subscribe to green and sustainable living like Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) lighting in all rooms and common areas
  • bathroom fixtures are all geared towards water conservation like self-limiting water faucets, low-volume water closets and low-wattage water heaters
  • the design of the myDrom facility subscribes to sustainable architecture and design leading to reduced power costs of cooling (tinted windows, sun shades) and other power conserving amenities.


  • aesthetically appealing building with top-notch living space and amenities design.
  • multi-purpose meeting spaces for classrooms, group meetings or organization meetings
  • online member-only socially-interactive and engaging community for communicating, archiving, scheduling and other activities
  • indoor social activities including art contests, band contests, movie nights, karaoke nights, quiz shows will be regularly scheduled to keep myDorm residents perfectly at home and securely comfortable
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