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MyPod  is the revolutionary system for a Manila Dorm that maximizes space, functionality, convenience and privacy to each Manila Dorm living space.  It features ample study, storage and sleeping quarters for DORMUS residents by incorporating efficient design concepts like multi-use functional spaces.

Each DORMUS room contains only three to four myPod units affording maximum space for each resident. Each room contain individual and fully-functional toilet and bath with separate access doors to allow their simultaneous and more efficient use by the residents.  This is a unique idea allowing maximum use of the toilet and bath facilities for DORMUS residents.

Beds rental start from P7,900 a month exclusive of utilities.

Mezzanine Floor Plan and Room Layout

Mezzanine Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan and Room Layout

Second Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan and Room Layout

Third Floor Plan

Floor  Floor Plan and Room Layout

Fourth Floor Plan


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