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Now that your child is off to college, I am sure a lot of questions, even fears, are in your mind.  College is not only a big step for your son or daughter, but much more so for you.  There are countless things to worry about and having your beloved child far away from your home is not only stressful but nerve-wracking as well.

One of the worries of parents of college students is housing:

  • Where will my child stay?  Is it near his college? Is it safe and secure?
  • Will my child quickly adjust not only to a new school but to his new home as well?
  • What about privacy, convenience and comfort? Are there enough amenities for his emotional, social and mental well-being?

myDorm, Inc., a fully-professional corporation whose main expertise is on managed student accommodations, has taken all of these in consideration and is offering a worry-free solution to all your concerns and anxiety over your child housing needs

myDorm, Inc., through its first offering DORMUS, has taken student housing to the next level by providing utmost security, safety, comfort and convenience for your child.


DORMUS Dormitory Across UST
You need not worry for DORMUS is literally just across the street from the sprawling University of Santo Tomas campus and a stone’s throw away from the Far Eastern University.  Espana Boulevard is fully and brightly lighted at night and is almost always busy at any time.  No need for your child to walk through dark inner streets and alleys – just a few steps away he is back to his home away from home.


DORMUS Safety and Security
Access to your child’s room, common areas and floor can only be accessed via a digitally-encrypted keycard.  The whole premises will be guarded by professional security personnel on a two-shift 24/7 basis.  All entrances and exits common areas, corridors will be monitored and video-recorded by high-definition closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system.  For protection against fires, all rooms and common areas will be equipped with smoke detectors and sprinkler systems.  All living quarters will be within several meters distance to fully-operable fire exits and all floors provided with water hoses and fire emergency equipment.


DORMUS Privacy
The rooms in DORMUS are gender-segregated according to floors.  There will be separate floor/s for male and female myDorm residents and a ‘Family’ floor, a mixed-gender floor for residents who belong to the same families or are relatives.  All rooms will have their own toilets and baths, fully separated with individual accesses for simultaneous use.  All myPod units will be enclosed by sturdy curtains/blinds that one can slide closed for full privacy during study or sleep.

But too much privacy is not too good either.  No matter how much we trust our child, putting him or her alone in a studio all his/her own is like giving matches to a toddler.  Not that we cannot entrust them to follow our instructions and directives regarding visitors or people staying over in a studio or apartment, but parents should not leave anything to chance.  In DORMUS, no visitors will ever be allowed to stay inside the room and absolutely no one can stay over the night. There is a reception area for visitors and social meetings room if classmates or friends need to stay for a while to finish school projects and the like.


DORMUS Convenience and Comfort
DORMUS offers free housekeeping services included in the rent so that your child will no longer concern himself with the upkeep and cleanliness of his pod, bathroom and room. All rooms are completely furnished, save for the mattresses and pillows.  Select myPod+ also include mini-refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee machine and individual digital security safes.  All rooms are completely-air-conditioned with negatively ionized breathable air.  24-hour electric power is assured with automatic electric generator power back-up.  All areas are connected to the internet by free high-speed wireless broadband.


DORMUS will be continuously managed by a professional property staff and not by absentee landlords or disinterested dormitory supervisors.  The premises will be staffed with a proactive and responsive team from the Operations managers to the professionally-trained housekeeping personnel.  Rest assured all the concerns of your child will be addressed and attended to immediately.


DORMUS Efficiency and Economy
Each room will have separate electric and water meters with residential rates.  All rooms and common areas will be equipped with Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) lighting.  Air-conditioning units will be of the Inverter type and water hearters of the low-wattage type for maximum energy efficiency.  For sustainable and green living all toilets will employ low-volume water closets and self-closing water-faucets.


DORMUS Individual Lease Liability
By signing an individual lease, you are only responsible for the rent of your child. You have no liability for the rent of the other lessees, common with shared accommodations like studios, apartments and other dormitories.  Truly worry-free, if a fellow resident transfers or graduates, you don’t have to scramble for another roommate to fill in the rent for the whole living space.


DORMUS offers roommate matching for residents who like to be placed with a roommate with similar courses, ages, personalities and likes.  Each resident will be asked to complete a personal profile card in order to better assist the staff in matching them with someone compatible with their interests and personalities.


DORMUS Sociability
 University life does not stop when one steps out of the campus.  One has to have social connection not only with people in his school but also with those he lives with.  DORMUS provides a Residence Life program that eases him into his own comfort zone away from his home by offering a variety of educational, recreational and social activities. Common social areas like myLounge affords residents the physical space to mingle and interact with each other, providing avenues for your child social and personal growth.



Your child is your greatest treasure.  Aside from giving him the best education, providing him the finest managed student accommodations there is will be of your greatest contribution to the achievement of his dreams and goals.

As parents who love their child very much, you can give him no less.

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