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DORMUS Update 19 December 2012: Renovation Full Speed Ahead!

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Renovation is now on full speed for DORMUS Boutique Living Spaces.  Full retrofitting of major structural components like floor and ceiling beams on-going and partitioning for the different myPod rooms now commencing. The contractor has committed to finishing renovation by March 31, 2013. Please browse photos below to see progress of construction and renoavtion.  

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DORMUS Update: Macaraeg Building Now Undergoing Internal Demolition

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Starting last October 24, WSO Construction began demolishing the internal structures inside the Macaraeg Building to give way to the birth of the DORMUS Boutique Living Spaces.  The internal structures undergoing demolition involve the inner walls, wooden floors in the mezzanine and other concrete and wooden structures. The demolition process is expected to last for 14 working days in time for the official start of the renovation on November 15, 2012. Here are photo updates of the demolition process: