UST Flooding and Being Stranded Again: You Should be Living in DORMUS

UST FLOODING ADVISORY: From the Office of the Secretary-General

Due to the large number of students stranded inside the campus and on the road as an aftermath of the sudden downpour followed by a flash flood that lasted until early morning, CLASSES IN ALL LEVELS are SUSPENDED today 11 SEPTEMBER 2012, to allow them to go home and rest.

Another newsflash regarding UST flooding that is seemingly becoming more frequent nowadays. And yes, you were one of the more than a thousand students who were stranded within the confines of the flooded UST campus in the night of September 10, 2012.

And because you could not catch a jeepney or a taxi or you wouldn’t risk your car stalling in the almost knee-deep flood along Lacson Avenue, you again stayed the night over in one of the buildings in UST.

UST Flooding1 10 September 2012

Amid the sudden downpour of rain, flood rose at the UST campus Monday night leaving students stranded. Photo by Rodolfo Serafin Jerome Lozada, The Varsitarian

Other photos from the

How easy it could have been if you could just wear your rain boots and walked just a few hundred meters away to your ‘home’ away from home just across Espana Boulevard.

No need for waiting for hours for a jeepney, bus or taxi that would not come. No need to stay in your car stuck in the middle of traffic in a flooded side street of Sampaloc. Goodbye to UST flooding with just a few steps.

How life could be easier if you could just walk away from all these concerns and come home to DORMUS.

Read GMANews account of the UST Flooding last September 10, 2012

Avoid UST Flooding and Being Stranded – Live in DORMUS

DORMUS is strategically located just across UST along Espana Boulevard and just a stone’s throw away from the Far Eastern University and other learning institutions. Aside from having a sanctuary that is a few minutes walk away, living in DORMUS does away with the problems of long commutes, early wake-up calls and transportation expenses.

Avoid UST Flooding - Live in Dormus

And being flooded in poses the danger of lack of food supplies and basic necessities.  Have no fear,  DORMUS is near convenience stores, a drugstore and restaurants:

  • A 24-hour 7-11 convenience store is in the same block
  • Restaurants and food shops are just nearby: Shakey’s Pizza and Goldilocks Bakeshop is in the next block
  • McDonald’s, KFC, Pancake House, TokyoTokyo, Bonchon Chicken, Reyes’ Barbecue are all conveniently located at the UST Car Park, just a few minutes’ walk away.
  • Starbucks coffee shop is located just around the corner along P. Noval street
  • Mercury Drug is two minutes away by foot

Next time, before you get caught stranded again with the next great flood, would you rather be living in DORMUS already?

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