At DORMUS, you can avoid MERALCO Electric Bill Shock!

Meralco Rate Shock

At DORMUS, you will not experience this (of course with prudent electricity usage, that is). Each DORMUS unit has its own individual MERALCO meter pegged at residential rates.

Condo High Electric Bills


Condominium units are usually supplied with electricity connected to MERALCO via submeters and NOT by individual MERALCO meters. This means, most of the condominium units will be sharing one mega MERALCO bill, to be divided among the condominium unit dwellers proportionally with one’s electric consumption.

Additionally, condominum buildings are almost always classified as commercial entities. As such, electricity and water utilities are charged at much higher commercial rates.

Photo shows the progressive basis of electric bills charged by MERALCO for February 2014 Billing Period. As such, the higher the number of condominium units sharing a main electric meter connected to the electric grid, the higher will the total electric consumption be and consequently the overall electric bill charge to be shared by all the condominium dwellers. This is the reason why most condo dwellers experience astronomically high electric bills every month. It is not unusual for condo dwellers to be charged more than two thousand pesos and higher per month for minimum electricity consumption like lights, electric fan, air-conditioner (5-6 hours a day).

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